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Cancom Security offers parking enforcement services on private property in Toronto. Our enforcement staff are able to issue parking infraction notices for specific offences such as:

Parking Permit Solution
Cancom Security offers a Visitors Parking permit solution when you subscribe to our monthly parking permit solution that is web based making the solution accessible from any desktop or smart phone. Parking permits are paperless and are electronically stored and are monitored by our officers remotely on location.
Tenant Permits
Cancom Security does offer tenant permits as a way of identifying tenants vehicles for your parking program. The permits come in the form of a window decal or Mirror hangars.
Call or Schedule Parking Enforcement
Upon your approval of your parking enforcement program you will want to set up policy and procedure for your parking lot that sets guidelines for both the users, tenants and customers that utilize your parking lot. Within this guideline you should schedule regular enforcement to ensure your lot is kept under control.
You should place your call for tagging of vehicles consistent to ensure that violators are notified that their vehicles are parked illegally. This demonstrates to other motorists that their is an enforcement program in affect and acts as an deterrent.
Towing is not always necessary, however, vehicles who are occupying reserved parking, or impeding the flow of traffic on your property can be towed at your request on an as needed basis. Vehicles are impounded at City approved pounds to ensure to ensure integrity and common practice. (Un-platted vehicles/Abandoned vehicles may have an additional cost for their removal)
The Results
Our program educates the public and our clientele regarding private parking enforcement. Our clients can manage their parking space with the appropriate enforcement. Our dedicated 24-hour and seven-day-a-week service to our clients ensures the safe and efficient movement of traffic on private property, maximizing the availability of short term and dedicated parking on our clients’ property.
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